III. “life challenge”


…i know its nothing new, felt 7 hundred armies are fighting against IS, but not even one is able to break them….why ? USA, Turkey, Syria and Russia have too less  bombs and weapons? …no of course not! They don’t want to, cause they need an enemy to justify the “war against terrorism”…not to forget, they cultured the IS in their own prisons…

climate change is overtaking us, where we don’t even know if it’s affecting us or the media is making us crazy just to keep us struggeling … Trump is making jokes about it, so everthing should be fine.. haha

these where only 2 topics of “our” problems, i know… who cares ? the war is not here …Stop! or is he already?  cause what is with all the refugees? …the right party becomes stronger and stronger and then? Repetition of our history…is this too pesimistic ?hopefully!! or is it realistic?

the life challenge, if you take the challenge, that means you don’t run away with the help of drugs and alcohol for example is, to handle this things without banging your head on a wall brings me to Yoga again… it might be a little bit simplehearted but this is my way…

check your internet and visit a yoga class… or search for a video on youtube, there are a heap of them…Yoga is the way to find the inner peace with the help of meditation in your self and you just need your self, not more not less..

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